Saint John Theristis' monastery in Calabria, Italy

The holy Monastery of St. John Theristis is built in an area where Byzantine monasticism flourished between the eigth and eleventh centuries, during which time Calabria fell within the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

The monastery preserves part of the ancient Katholikon (sanctuary and choir) from the eleventh century. The newly erected chapel inside the monastery is dedicated to the Calabrian anchorites: St. Fantino the Young (+ Thessalonica, 10th cent.) and his disciple, St. Nicephoros the Myrrh-Gusher (+ Mount Athos, The Great Lavra). On the monastery grounds one also finds the cave and spring blessed by St. John Theristis (10th cent.)

In December of 1994 the Regional Council of Calabria unanimously declared the Byzantine area situated between the Stilaro and Assi Rivers as "sacred" in order to favour the re-establishment of Orthodox monasticism in the area. On 24 February 1995 the Town Council of Bivongi officially consigned the monastery to the Orthodox Archdiocese of Italy, in order to restore the ancient links between Italo-Greek and Athonite monasticism.

The monastery celebrates its feast on 24 February, the Feast of St. John Theristis.

The expenses and charitable works of the monastic community of St. John Theristis are defrayed in large part by donations not only from pious Orthodox Christians in Italy, but also from our Orthodox brothers and sisters all over the world.


Monastero di San Giovanni Theristis
89040 Bivongi (RC), Italy

Tel. 0039-964-734.017